Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2009

This is the 2009 edition of the Pro Evolution Soccer series of sports video games

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    (PES) 2009

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    Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows XP / Windows 8

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Konami's newest version of their popular virtual soccer game, Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, is the latest and greatest of the PES series. Though it is not much different from the version that Konami released just last year, this version boasts more players, better graphics, and the most realistic experience in game play to date.

The difference between the movements of the players between the 2012 and 2013 versions of the game is pronounced. PES 2013 gives the gamer more control over his or her players than past versions. This not only results in more natural-looking movements on the field but also provides a more interactive gaming experience.

PES FullControl is the newly implemented control system debuting with the 2013 version of the popular game. With more manual control than ever before by Konami, this version of the game marks Konami's attempt to step up to more popular soccer games like FIFA that offer ultimate control on the field. Manual shooting, passing, dribbling, and controlling of player speed are all important, new manual controls in PES 2013.

Although the new controls contribute a more difficult game, amateurs will still be able to pick up the game quickly.

A new feature of this version that we like is the addition of the coaching box in the corner. The coach can be used at nearly any point in the game - a nice aspect because the coach can help give instructions and motivate the players.

One big change that PES made was to enhance the quality of player likeness. It is easy to recognize the differences between players on the field. They call this likeness system PlayerID, and we have to say, they have done an admirable job making virtual players look and act like their real life counterparts.

Despite the incredible likenesses that Konami has adhered to, we still face some poor animation is several parts of the game. Unfortunately, throughout each game players will encounter this because some moves that players make look extremely unnatural. Certain players performing certain movements can even be laughable with PES 2013. The Goalkeepers in particular often perform strange-looking movements that comes back to poor and lazy animation.

Our favorite feature of the new PES is by far the Player Impact section. This is where a gamer can view each player and how these players are influencing the team and overall outcome of your game. This information is detailed and is compatible with what is happening in the real world of soccer.

The newest addition of PES is certainly a huge step up from Konami's last version, which was clearly a rush job with poor graphics and much less detailed information compared to this version. However, despite the improvements, PES 2013 still has some bad animation and could improve on Player Impact information.


  • excellent likeness to reality
  • realistic game play
  • plenty of control options


  • some instances of poor animation
  • poor goalkeepers

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